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Cash for Antiques

A lot of people clear out their attic and have no idea how valuable an item is when they give it up. Often times, someone’s old junk furniture is truly a treasure. That’s where we come in; we keep a wide variety of beautiful antique furniture and collectable antique accessories. These treasures, though often discarded by their original owners, are full of beauty and class. If you think you may have some treasure lying around, stop by our antique dealer today!

Rest assured that when you visit K Flories Antiques, we can offer you an appraisal and a fare price for your piece. We accept antique chairs, one of a kind collectibles, and many other treasures at our antique store. Some seek antiques for sentimentality or history’s sake. Others look for a piece that belonged to their family or loved ones for nostalgic reasons, to connect them to the past. If you appreciate the beauty in the design and the history of antique items, then you’ve come to the right place.

If you are looking for an antique buyer, call K Flories Antiques in Fort Worth, TX for an excellent cash for antiques service.